How to setup your blog with ghost on Azure

A few days back I reseted my old blog. I didn't deleted it accidentally, I swear. But I looked at the content, and it was really old. I don't believe that there a lot of people still interested in Silverlight tutorials ;-). So, I hit refresh, and created a new Blog.

WordPress is very good, but it has grown to a very big CMS, and I just want a lightweight blog-engine. So I switched very fast and eay to Ghost. Ghost is really a nice lightweight blogging tool, I started to like it more and more :) More details on Ghost can be found here

It was very easy to install it on Azure, because there is already an Azure Marketplace Image for Ghost.

Ghost Azure Marketplace

The "hardest" part was, applying a SSL Certificate. Therefore I use Letsencrypt. There is a very good site extension available for Azure to manage the complete handling of a certificate from Let's encrypt. When you have created your Ghost Blog with the marketplace image, go to Kudo and add this extension.

Letsencrypt Site Extension

A very good and helpful tutorial to get it up and running can be found here.